High-speed Checking Rewinding Machine

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Product Description

It is a mew, useful and high-speed one that our company research and develop combined with the requirement of soft packaging market . It mainly applicants in pattern checking and rewinding of products after printing in the field of printing , and supply good conditions for saving costs of the combination of the next procedure ,it uses the way of rewinding ,and adopts photoelectric automatic tracking stroboscope to make the high-speed moving printing products reach the relative stationary pattern efforts, in the functional change-over of reciprocal turning, it′s easy to check out unsuitable products and also quick and useful to check pattern.

  Maim functions and features
1. It can work in obverse turning high-speedily , urgent stop ,and reverse turning, infinite frequency converting speed regulate ,steady speed ,ease of replacement ,convenient and reliable.。
2. It collects and releases wind with automatic constant tension controlled device .
3. Releasing wind section adopts photoelectric tracking correcting device .
4. Checking adopts photoelectric tracking pattern ,and automatic synchronous stroboscope .
5. Accounting meter and line speed display function automatically .
6. The complete machine adopts pneumatic lock device.
  Main Technical Parameters
Material Printing membrane , web below: 80g/m2
Width of material: 800-1200mm(according to motor type)
Max, diameter of collecting and releasing roll: 600mm
Inside diameter of collecting and releasing roll chip: 76(3″)
Speed: 0-220m/min
Power: 380V 505-705kw
Pressure: 0.7MPa

Standards Certificate︰ CE

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