Multi-function automatic packing machine (Double Rows)

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Product Description

Adopt PLC controll system, import frequency transducer, adjustable speed and bag sizesin a range according to the guests' request. It is vaccum four-side sealing which owns a particular bags' forming system,and the appearance of turnoffs is unknit,non-gauffer,handsome and slap-up.
Double orientation systems of intelligent photoelectricity cursor and double aspects' rectifya deviation bring the accurate orientation and easy manipulation。
According to the guests' particular need,the bucker mark can be added,and also the particularreticulate pattern.
The machine can automatically finish the functions such film slitting, paper folding, bags' forming, oil dropping, metering, mouth cutting, printing production date,counting and finished product output

main technical parameter
dimension of bag L:40-100mm W:45-70mm
size of wet tissue 35-50*45mm
material's packaging materials of packaging:polypropylene,complex film,plating AL film,etc
efficiency of sourse 220v 50hz 2.6kw
weight 800kg
overall dimensions 1500*950*1850
limit of material's adding 0ml-10ml
capacity of product materials of packaging:polypropylene,complex film,plating AL film,etc

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